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Goran's Soccer Bets

Fixed Odds:

Most of my bets would be in the form of Fixed Odds and Asian Handicaps.

I don't like giving picks with prices like 1.25 returns, so when I give a pick with 1.25 odds, it will almost
never be a single.

For example,

Barcelona (1.27)-Osasuna.
Real Madrid (1.37)-Betis.

Here, I would probably make this play a double!

Asian Handicaps

Most of my bets are Asian Handicap as you can maximise your profit this way.
There are also 1X2 bets of course from time to time,but in general Asian is the way to go.

I am usually more of a backer than a layer.
I am more of an offensive punter then a defensive one.
It's more about seeing what might happen than what might not happen when it comes to my picks.

Under is very rarely an option for me while I often take over in the games whether it's pre-match or in live play.


Betting on my outrights is one easy way to get great profit following my thoughts about the long-term happenings in the various leagues.

‘Unlucky’ doesn't exist here as strong teams will show their superiority over the course of the entire league whereas they might fail to do so in a single match.’

My outright picks are worth their weight in gold. My big bonuses throughout the year on top of my usual bets are all from my outright bets.

I give a few examples of my outright plays from a previous season (comments correct at time of writing this):

  1. Lazio ahead of Torino 5 units 1.70 - WIN
  2. Sevilla ahead of Valencia 3 units price 1.75 - WIN
  3. Villareal ahead of Valencia 4 units 1.70 - WIN
  4. Inter to take Title in Italy 3 units price 2.50 - WIN
  5. Valencia ahead of Deportivo 4 units 1.70 - WIN
  6. Argentina to win gold in the Olympic games 4 units 3.10 - WIN
  7. Panathinaikos ahead of AEK Athens 3 units 1.60 - WIN
  8. Ajax ahead of Feyenoord 5 units 1.55 - WIN
  9. Dinamo Zagreb champions in Croatia 7 units 1.60 - WIN
  10. Energie Cotbuss to be in the bottom two places 2 units 1.95 - WIN

Yes, a lot of my outright bets win.

Outrights are so valuable that they will only be released to members who have been subscribed for at least 1 month (when available).

This will make it fair for everyone involved.

Member Comment:

Best Of the Best!
Wed, 9 Apr 2008 01:38:10 +0800

I have been following your tips. You are so Great. Best of the Best!. One small problem i face, due to the fact that i'am from the Far East... I cannot open account with some bookmakers in Europe..So sometimes i can't place the bets that you have for me....like those outright and some others....poor me...
And if you have anything good,please email me...thanks a lot...i always have confidence in your tips...YOU are the Best!

Kind Regards
Bernard Sim